Common Concerns

Competes with Football Season

Spring season for boys rugby, fall for girls– will actually get extra conditioning /game fitness / spatial and coordination skills

Rugby Football without Pads!

A regular statement is that Rugby is Football without pads. The rules to protect players are far more rigorous than football. More information on Safety can be found on our rugby safety page  

Clash with off Season Conditioning

Practice can be  additional to any off-season strength & conditioning arranged required by other sports. We encourage multiple sports and will work with other coaches to ensure balance is achieved.


It is expected that all Rugby players meet their potential in academics. Warriors Coaches will work with parents to assure the balance between School and Rugby is maintained and support parents to align expectation of study sport balance with players. 


There is always risk of injury in contact sport, Rugby is no different. Everyone is worried about concussion. We follow USA Rugby return to play protocols. We understand your child is more important than winning the game. We are here to develop young people and if possible win games therefore layer safety is the most important thing for all coaches and volunteers of Warriors Rugby


Cost are relatively low total fees for the Season and Pre-Season training are $205. 

Also required to buy Shorts Socks ($45) and Cleats