Rugby Safety


Football with out pads!

 The main reason rugby players have a relatively low risk of injury compared to football players is paradoxical – rugby players don't wear protective equipment. Thus the rugby player doesn't have the same disregard for the safety of his or her head, neck, and shoulders when tackling or trying to break through a tackle. 


Rugby Laws designed to protect players

Rugby unions globally have invested heavily in understanding the causes of concussion and injury. In response to findings the International Rugby board, the body that sets the laws of rugby have drastically modified the laws to substantially reduce contact to the head and neck region, e.g. any contact the head is a penalty, any direct and initial contact with the head will result in a sin bin.  tackling any play who is in the air. will also result in penalty or sin bin.  These are examples of the rigor with which Rugby is serious about safety of players.