Why Rugby


Skills Development


  • Physical strength & conditioning
  • Mental Resilience
  • Decision making under pressure 
  • Teamwork & collaboration
  • Spatial relationships
  • Hand/Eye coordination, kicking & catching



Rugby is always inclusive, we welcome players from all backgrounds and origins. 

Rugby is complete team sport, one or two superstars will not make a successful team. Previous teams have had violinists, debate champs, wrestlers, soccer players, swimmers, and quarter backs. The thing we do not tolerate is lack of respect, we know hazing does not build team spirit. Freshmen and Seniors all have the same responsibilities and expectations to respect all club members 



Rugby is cost-effective fees per season are:

  • $145 fees to Warriors Club
  • $65 fees to USA Rugby
  • Shorts and Socks

Tournament fees assessed as needed

Parent Stories

 Rugby turned out to be the perfect sport for my son. He struggled with  committing to a sport until he started with Dexter rugby. His teammates  and coaches were engaging, encouraging and inclusive of all the boys  regardless of skill level. They all worked together to make the team  better. My son’s confidence grew and he really enjoyed being a part of  the sport and the team! 

 Rugby was a complete game changer for our son,  who had only been a one sport athlete till be began playing rugby.  Playing rugby in conjunction  with playing football, improved his  conditioning, speed,  tackling and decision making, which was apparent  on the football field as well as the rugby pitch. His coaches were  amazing, and really spent time with each player making sure that each  athlete was playing to the best of their ability in a position that  worked for them. Our son's confidence grew and his performance improved  over the 3 years he played at the high school level, which lead him to  play for a season at the colliegte level. We cannot say enough about the  Dexter Devils Rugby Club (now Warriors), their coaches and the parents that have  become our family. 


My Son came home from School and said he was going to play Rugby. I did an eye roll and said sure. When you don’t know much about the sport, your first thoughts are violent and ridiculous, though you try to remain optimistic when you kids say they want something new. Negative energy was winning until I saw my first game and the passion and determination they showed was amazing. Then another son of mine turned to me and said he wanted to play. He is a very talented baseball and football player. He loves rugby and played 3 seasons at high school and is now playing at Ferris State.

The game was coached with passion and the players responded with passion, I witnessed respect amongst each other and with opponents, acceptance of all, team work and a sense of brotherhood on and off the field. Rugby should come with a warning, it a vortex that will sweep you up and suck you in. 

Common Concerns


Obviously all contact sports has some risks. Rugby is no worse than other contact sports, we attempt to address your common concerns